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Located in the San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose.

We are Josh Hanoka, Frank Valerga, and Mike Priolo, co-owners of Bray Butcher Block & Bistro. At Bray we focus on the beauty and majesty of meat.

We pull inspiration from all over the world, taking flavors from the smoky meats of the American south, to the robustly seasoned meats of Jamaica and Mexico, to classic deli meats, and fuse them with our own creative twists. We cure all of our own deli meats in-house using minimal nitrates and preservatives to produce a healthier product.

We make a point to convey to every customer how important it is to provide them with grass fed, hormone free, natural meats accompanied by sauces and salad dressings made from scratch. We strive to produce new options to expand your culinary palette and give you something new to experience. We’re finding our niche in the culinary world, evolving and experimenting every day. Bray has a signature style, though it may be hard to categorize it is definitely not hard to enjoy!